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The Road To Being A Visual Poet: Artist, Art Instructor

Len Garon is recognized as a talented, versatile, and successful artist and art educator in today’s art world. He has exhibited in important galleries throughout the USA and in many important corporate, private, and museum collections. He has been a featured artist at Art Expo NY since l983 and many Art Publications. He has been the “Official Artist” for many important events and for notables like Chubby Checker. Len is recognized as one of the leading art instructors in the United States because of his versatility with subject matter and painting mediums. He is equally at ease with oil paint, watercolor/gouache, pastel, acrylic, and gold leaf.
In 1974, Len received the “Most Creative Artist” award for his work in gold leaf and oil. Enjoy reviewing his “Road to Being a Visual Poet.”

“How My Artistic Fire Got Ignited”

When I was approaching the time for College, I was encouraged to get a degree that would provide me with a “real job.” So art was not the right choice. I received alternate appointments to the Naval Academy and the principal appointment to the Merchant Marine Academy. Instead, I earned my BA and MPA in Public Administration. When I graduated with my Bachelors degree I spent the summer traveling for 3 months in Europe as a student on a small budget. When I went to the Tate Museum, the Louvre, Florence and Rome, the “Art Flame” in me was ignited. I was so inspired by the beauty and creations that I saw that I wondered how anyone could create such beautiful paintings and sculpture. After that I wanted to know what potential I had in art. What was my voice and creative ability? What could I do, see, feel, or create? My artistic training was limited to some sketching on my own and painting a few “paint by number” paintings. I was encouraged to paint by many relatives and friends and their support inspired me.

My fire was ignited, I had a job in City Government and Hospital Administration, and I was off to get started down the road to becoming an artist. I believe athletes need good coaching to help them to be good enough to compete in the Olympics. It is also necessary for an art student to have good coaches in order to help access their full potential. I realized that I was “born” an artist. I just had to train with coaches to learn how to “be” an artist. I needed to learn what I needed to know in order to “be” the artist. (i.e. how to draw, paint, understand color and design, and how to express my ideas visually).

Art Education and Formal Education

  • DOB 1945, Pueblo, Colorado
    BA in Political Science and Economics, l967, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Masters of Public Administration, 1969, University of Colorado, Boulder

I would like to thank the following artists with whom I studied, for their time and contribution.

  • Pawel Kontny – master artist, mentor, friend. Denver, Colorado 1969 to 1997.
  • Myron Barnstone- Barnstone Academy- master instructor, friend 1986- 1990
  • Dominic DiStefano, AWS; Tom Lynch
  • Art Students League, NY- Frank Mason, David Leffel, Sherry McGraw and others 1980-83)
  • The Barnes Foundation, Merion Pa. (3.5 years) (1970’s)

Artists whose work I study and respect: da Vinci, Zorn, Monet, Degas, Nicolai Fechin, J. Sargeant, Richard Schmid and others.

Art Gallery Representation

  • Exhibited at Hammer Galleries NY (1978), De Bruyne Gallery, Naples Fla
  • Contact Studio for current listings of galleries in your area

Teaching Art

  • How to Paint” TV Show, AM Philadelphia, WPVI Network TV Ch 6, 1 yr contract, 1978
  • From 1980 taught art classes for NAMTA, American Artist Magazine, The Artist Magazine, Jerry’s Art-o-rama, Pearl Paint, Learning and Product Expo, Décor Magazine Art Expo and others.
  • Produced 10 How to Paint videos and 1 “The Alphabet of Art” for the art appreciator to understand the decision making process of the Master Artist thus appreciating art at a more informed level. See Videos and Workshops for further info.

Awards and Honors (Partial List)

  • Most Creative Artist” Award for work in 23 karat gold (1974)
  • House of Heydenryk” Award, National Arts Club Watercolor Exhibit, NY, (1978)
  • “Official Artist” Legg Mason Tennis Classic (1999 to 2007)
  • “Official Artist”: Baltimore Tennis Challenge, Hamlet Cup (NY), Atlanta Tennis Challenge
  • “Official Artist” American Freedom Festival tribute to Veterans (Washington DC 2007)
  • “Official Artist” for Chubby Checker
  • Who’s Who in American Art”
  • Invited to exhibit at special Private Show sponsored by Hammer and Knoedler Galleries, NY (1977)
  • “American Artist” Magazine (1989) and “Watercolor ’90” Magazine – Featured articles.
  • A Public Stock Trading Company sold their Len Garon Art Collection for $ 2 Million (2001)
  • Art featured on cover of 2 Washington DC Magazines
  • Taught a “How to Paint” show weekly on Network Television on “AM Philadelphia” (1 year contract)


  • Many Corporate, Museum, and private collections including: Peter Nero and Chubby Checker.
  • In the art collection of The White House, Washington DC (Presidents G.W.Bush and Clinton)
  • Awards and Honors (Partial List)
  • Most Creative Artist” Award for work in 23 karat gold (1974)
  • House of Heydenryk” Award, National Arts Club Watercolor Exhibit, NY, (1978)


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