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The Visual Poetry of Len Garon

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Welcome to my Art World. My goal with art is to add Value to your life through my artistic vision by creating custom personalized unique paintings of your life experiences as wedding / anniversary art gifts or “anytime treats” that enrich your life. Let’s work together and create something beautiful, personal, and unique.

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   Award Winning Interview with Len Garon, May 2015

The team of three professional videographers who shot this video won Best Cinematography award for this work. Produced by Team Shi-Queeta’s Not Down (Ben Applebaum, James Eppard, Kerry Harris and mentor Chris Ballentine). The theme of the 2015 DC Shoot Off Video Workshop was “Invention”.


Videos Lessons / lectures & painting demonstration by Len Garon.

My purpose is to awaken your highest potential as an artist and appreciator of the design and beauty of life and nature.

Len Garon gives his own secret tips about how the master artists apply good design and dynamic symmetry to start and finish a painting. This is introduction #1 to 10 DVDs art lessons. Don’t miss these amazing videos. Len gives you a “checklist” on how to apply the design elements to make your painting masterful.

Please click below to sample the other introductory videos:
2. Painting Artistic Landscapes & Flowers with “WOW”

3. Art of Painting Creative Portraits & Figures, People & Animals

4. The Art of Marketing your art


Portfolio Samples

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